7 things to do in kandy

Following list highlights 7 things to do in Kandy, when someone visits the Great city of Kandy for a vacation.

1\  Walk Around The Lake

The lake was built in 1807 and adds an extra glamour to this beautiful city called Kandy. You can walk around the lake at any time of the day. It will give you a memorable, unforgettable experience.

An Evening View of Kandy Lake

2\  Visit The Temple Of The Tooth Relic

Temple of Tooth Relic

Dalada Maligawa or Temple of the Tooth Relic is the most sacred place for Buddhists all around the world, thousands of locals as well as tourists visit this temple each day. daily rituals are carried out at many different times and evening is the busiest. You can visit there even without a guide. You need to obey/follow certain rules (like removing shoes, hats and foreigners need to buy a ticket) when entering the temple.

3\ Wander The City Center And The City Streets

Walk along the busy streets with locals, where they are very interested to have a quick chat.

City Center is the only state of the art shopping complex can be found in this city. Also you can find some restaurant at the roof-top with nice local and chineese foods.

Interesting thing is Tuk-Tuk drivers will follow you asking for your destination and will offer a handsome discount.

4\ Have A Meal From Local Restaurants

Get a life time taste on Sri Lankan food. They are very spicy and hot. They have a very unique odor. You can get a good meal for a reasonable price and most importantly staff will help you to choose to your budget. You can find many places inside the city along the streets.

5\ Take A Boat Ride On The Lake

Another life time experience for a foreigner or a local. You can witness the surroundings including the sacred Temple of Tooth Relic. Cost will be worth for such an experience.

A boat ride in Kandy Lake
© CharithMania

6\ Visit To The Bahirawakanda Temple

A large Buddha statue located on a hill. A great place to be and can have a beautiful view of the Kandy town.

7\ Attend A Cultural Show

For a local this may not be a special event, but for a foreigner who is visiting Sri Lanka is another great experience.

you can find few places that holds Cultural show, Which are normally held during the evenings.

Kandyan Dancers
Kandyan Dancers (© Red Dot Tours)

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