Sri Lankan Monkey

Monkeys of Sri Lanka

A total number of three (3) species on Monkeys can be found in the Island of Sri Lanka. Tufted gray langur and purple-faced leaf monkey are of Langurs species and Toque macaque is of macaque species.

Udawattakele Sanctuary
Monkeys at Udawattakele Sanctuary

Endemic to Sri Lanka are Purple-faced leaf monkey and Toque macaque, while gray langur can also be found in India too. In wet zone area jungles Purple-faced leaf monkey can only be found. And Gray langurs can only be found in dry zone of the Island. Toque macaque shows island wide distribution.

Purple-faced leaf monkey

Purple-faced langur

Purple-faced leaf monkey is also known as purple-faced langur, a species of Old World monkey and is endemic to Island nation of Sri Lanka.It is mostly brown in appearance and dark face and a very shy in nature. Once a highly widespread species found in many parts like suburban Colombo and the “wet zone” villages, but rapid urbanization has led to a considerable decrease of their population.

Monkeys of Sri Lanka can be found of family groups which include six (6) to ten (10) members. A group consist of related mature females, sub-adults, juveniles and infants of both sexes, with dominant unrelated male. The dominant male will lead the group and keep an eye on all activities and movements done by the group members.

Most Islanders consider monkeys as pests since they tend to destroy crops all around the island.

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